Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture : The Comparison of the Database basic concept including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

EXEM continues to research database technologies at a rapid pase to provide up-to-data resources to our partners and customers. We’re pleased to announce our newest book, “Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture”, written by Research & Contents team from EXEM.

Usage of open source database at enterprise is increasing gradually all over the world. But there is a shortage of professional technical books which deal with the comparison between Oracle and the others. If you have to operate system with several kinds of database at your work, this book will help you. You’ll be taught from history to how to operate each database and find what diffrences between each database by reading this book.

Here is just some of what you learn when you read “Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture”.

1.   Architecture of RDBMS and MVCC - CHAPTER1
The development of MVCC architecture
The two ways of MVCC
The MVCC mechanism comparison with each DBMS
2.   Oracle Deep Internal – CHAPTER2
History of Oracle
Undo Architecture of Oracle
Oracle MVCC
Oracle block layout
Delayed Block Cleanout
3.   PostgreSQL Deep Internal – CHAPTER3
History of PostgreSQL
MVCC of PostgreSQ
Page layout of PostgreSQL
Page Header
Line Pointer
Tuple Header
The definition and necessity
Vacuum running structure
The standard of Vacuum VS Full Vacuum
XID Wraparound and Freezing
Structure analysis of VM and FSM
4.   MySQL Deep Internal – CHAPTER4
History of MYSQL
Page layout of MYSQL

5.   References

Konwoo Kwon, CMO at EXEM and Geunho Lee, Manager of Research & Contents team write this book mainly and they said;
“We, the researchers are beginning of a journey that suggest whole new architecture studying 3 of DBMS; Oracle, the most successful DBMS, PostgreSQL, the earlist DBMS, MySQL, the most-used DBMS in era of Internet.”
Researchers are studying for offering information about how change the IT system adminitrators have to manage their system to customers.


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