See the features of MFO in a vivid way

What is MFO? 

You mush have known the meaning of UFO, but you may not know what exactly is MFO. That is the acronym of MaxGauge For Oracle which is the main product of EXEM. If you are either system administrator or database and application administrator, your job is mainly to manage your database. But when error occurs, you may feel stressful because there is not an effective tool for you to oversee the performance management and fault management. 
Main features of MFO

Then, MFO can do you a big favor! Through real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and analysis feature, it allows the administrator to easily and quickly identify in which database or server the error occurred or the performance degradation occurred, among the many severs and databases. In the event of an error or performance degradation, it easily identifies exactly in which part by what factors the problem occurred through a diagnosis process, ensuring a real-time resolution as much as possible, and it further investigates the root cause of the error or performance degradation through a post-analysis so that appropriate troubleshooting actions may be taken. 

See the features in a vivid way

Although we just go through the strong points of MFO in a quick way, you still want to see the features in a real screen. That's why we prepared the series videos in which you could know the every detail of MFO in a vivid way

Series Videos is mainly divided into 2 parts

English subtitle and narration was added

As you can see that Features of MFO Series Videos was divided into 2 parts: Real-time Monitoring and Performance Analyzer which is the 2 main parts that all the administrators should know. By watching the video not reading the manual, you can get the image of how MFO works and it offers you a great opportunity just like a hands-on approach. 

Where can you see the videos? 

At the end of 2016, our EXEM Global Channel was opened on YouTube where more and more videos will be waiting for you. 

Homepage of EXEM

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