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See the features of MFO in a vivid way

What is MFO? 

You mush have known the meaning of UFO, but you may not know what exactly is MFO. That is the acronym of MaxGauge For Oracle which is the main product of EXEM. If you are either system administrator or database and application administrator, your job is mainly to manage your database. But when error occurs, you may feel stressful because there is not an effective tool for you to oversee the performance management and fault management. 
Then, MFO can do you a big favor! Through real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and analysis feature, it allows the administrator to easily and quickly identify in which database or server the error occurred or the performance degradation occurred, among the many severs and databases. In the event of an error or performance degradation, it easily identifies exactly in which part by what factors the problem occurred through a diagnosis process, ensuring a real-time resolution as much as possible, and it further investigates the root cause of the e…

EXEM Engineer Education in Bangkok

Engineer Education in Bangkok.

Last 11st~17th November, EXEM was having a great time with local engineers from Thailand and Malaysia in the city of Bangkok. With the help of our Thailand partner Magic Software, we had a large room for the whole program. 
Office of Magic Software in Bangkok
Hands-on approach is the best way of understanding EXEM product.
EXEM believes that education of local engineers is very important for international partners. With the help of EXEM experienced consultant, local engineers may have a basic knowledge of EXEM product which will give them a lot of confidence when they meet local customers in the future. 
Hand-on approach is also very important because it offers local engineers a great opportunity to understand EXEM product better and see how MaxGauge could help them to easily manage their database. 
Mr Kim Dong-su is introducing EXEM product
Face-to-face communication makes us much closer.
Through this program, our local partners know better about EXEM and a…

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture : The Comparison of the Database basic concept including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

EXEM continues to research database technologies at a rapid pase to provide up-to-data resources to our partners and customers. We’re pleased to announce our newest book, “Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture”, written by Research & Contents team from EXEM.
Usage of open source database at enterprise is increasing gradually all over the world. But there is a shortage of professional technical books which deal with the comparison between Oracle and the others. If you have to operate system with several kinds of database at your work, this book will help you. You’ll be taught from history to how to operate each database and find what diffrences between each database by reading this book.

Here is just some of what you learn when you read “Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture”.
1.   Architecture of RDBMS and MVCC - CHAPTER1 The development of MVCC architecture The two ways of MVCC The MVCC mechanism comparison with each DBMS 2.   Oracle Deep Internal – CHAPTER2 History of Oracl…