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EXEM's New Slogan l 'AI First EXEM 2018'

In the meantime, EXEM has been preparing for the fourth industrial revolution era by promoting artificial intelligence experts and research organizations.

➤ Powerful drive with AI-centric 'Exem 4.0'

We are pleased to introduce the new AI capabilities of EXEM, a specialized artificial intelligence company.

EXEM has grown by leading the enterprise packaged software market through constant development and research based on software craftsmanship.

 Database Performance Monitoring Solution, Max gauge pioneered the DB performance management field for the first time in Korea and introduced MaxGauge for Java, which enables end-to-end application performance management from the perspective of business transaction.
It has become a responsible company.

In addition, based on our data processing capability, we expanded the market into a big data space, and set up a core engine in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

Now, EXEM is showing a strong commitment to pursue the 'EXEM 4.0…

IT esay, IT is! l Eleventh, the godfather of deep learning Jeffrey Hinton

Have you heard of Jeffrey Hinton? In this time, we will look at artificial intelligence, which is becoming more popular these days. Let's take a look at Jeffrey Hinton
➤ The Godfather of Deep Learning, who saved artificial neural networks 'Jeffrey Hinton’
Seymour Peppert, who represents Symbolic Artificial Intelligence, has demonstrated with his teacher Marvin Minski in a book called "Perceptron" in 1969 in various mathematical ways that Rosenblatt's simple perceptron can’t solve the XOR problem. As a result of this book, neural network research, which represents connective artificial intelligence, almost all the grants are cut off, and The first difficult period of artificial intelligence has come.

▲ Professor, Jaffrey Hinton (Image source:
In fact, Seymour Pepper, in his essay in 1988, compared himself to a hunter who was sent by the Queen to kill Snow White, and in 1969 recalled criticism of neural networks through the publi…