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2018 New Year Resolution

What is your new year resolution for 2018?

When new year begins, EXEMers always get together and talk about person new year resolutions and cheer up for each other, it has become one part of EXEM cultures. Mr. Cho talked about his goal in the year of 2018. Always keep in mind that we need to do some changes to our daily work and our daily life. We eat, we do exercise, we watch movie, and we read books. We ourselves have been changing all the times. That's why we need to make new challenges to our work as well. Even we keep doing the some work, we need to think how can we do that better? 

EXEMers from each different departments shared their ideas as well. To conclude what everyone said, here are 6 tips that are most commonly mentioned during the whole presentations.

1. Have clear goals about your work and your life.
We have dreams, but dreams are not goals. We need to make a practical goal for each every day that we can clearly know what we need to do.
2. Do physical exercise.
Health is …

Korean Culture: Lunar New Year, Seollal

Most of Koreans meet their friends on the eve of Dec.31 to celebrate the new year. However, there is another important festival to celebrate new year again! While, with their families, called Seollal(설날).

Seollal means the first day of lunar new year. In 2018, Feb.16th is the day. In Korea, we also call the lunar Jan. 1st 구정(舊正). Different countries have different ways to celebrate lunar new year. Today I will introduce some customs and one typical food that Koreans will eat on Seollal.

During the first morning of a new year, Koreans pay their respect towards their ancestors. Traditional foods are placed on a table as an offering to the ancestors, and a rite begins with deep bows from all family members. This is a sing of respect and a very important practice on the first day of the new year in Korea. It is also where they pray for the well-being of all the family members.

Besides that, the most typical Seollal food would be sliced rice cake soup, which is called 떡국(Tteokguk) in Korean. …