2018 New Year Resolution

What is your new year resolution for 2018?

When new year begins, EXEMers always get together and talk about person new year resolutions and cheer up for each other, it has become one part of EXEM cultures. Mr. Cho talked about his goal in the year of 2018. Always keep in mind that we need to do some changes to our daily work and our daily life. We eat, we do exercise, we watch movie, and we read books. We ourselves have been changing all the times. That's why we need to make new challenges to our work as well. Even we keep doing the some work, we need to think how can we do that better? 

EXEMers from each different departments shared their ideas as well. To conclude what everyone said, here are 6 tips that are most commonly mentioned during the whole presentations.

1. Have clear goals about your work and your life.

We have dreams, but dreams are not goals. We need to make a practical goal for each every day that we can clearly know what we need to do.

2. Do physical exercise.

Health is the most important element during our whole life no matter what kind of job we do. If we get sick, we probably cannot finish our tasks very well. To keep fit, we definitely need physical exercises. Do not make any excuse telling yourself you have no time, no money, no mood to move. Just do it!

3. Keep the balance or your work and life.

For each single day, everyone has 24 hours. 8 for work, 8 for rest and another 8 for personal interests. How do you spend your 24 hours a day? Do not break your balance of work and life.

4. Learn new things.

Maybe a language, maybe a new program, or even a new sport. Once you start to learn a new thing, you have opened a totally new door for you life, which means you need to find new information that you never googled before, contact with people whom you never tried before and start to pay attention to a brand new field... During the whole process, you will gain new knowledge, and a new way to see the world around you.

5. Eat healthily.

People always come up with  doing certain sports when they want to diet, but they forgot the most influential element: food we eat. There is no need to check the exact calories about everything we eat, but it is necessary to know what kind of food are healthier that others. Then we just try to eat the healthier groups than others. 

6. Have your own time with yourself.

To social with other people take a lot of time of our lives. We do need to spend some time just with ourselves. Ask myself: Did you have a good day? Did you do something wrong? 


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