[2018 Global Industry Revolution Conference l EXEM 4.0 People-centered, Future innovation]

After a successful AWS Summit event, EXEM again participated in the event in a hot summer. EXEM participated in the 2018 Global Innovation Conference in June!
This conference was a network where domestic and foreign businessmen and academics gather together on the theme of "people-oriented future innovation".
EXEM can‘t be missed in this conference! EXEM participated in the conference with strengthened AI Tech (EXEM 4.0). Let me show you how EXEM is at the heart of global industry innovation.

    Preparation for Exhibition     

We set up a booth early in the morning and were busy preparing to welcome our guests.
Above photo is EXEM's exhibition booth and we introduced to our
guests how EXEM has enhanced the solution with AI technology.
A new slogan for EXEM 'AI FIRST EXEM 2018' Here, too!

     Start of Exhibition     

Above photo was taken at 10:00 A.M in the morning and participants started to show up.
On the other hand, EXEM's staffs were perfectly ready for the exhibition and waited for the guests.
People started getting crowded at the exhibition booth of EXEM !!
Participants visited the booth and heard exciting explanations.

In addition to introducing our products and new technologies,
EXEM has provided many benefits to the guests at the booth.

We gave ‘FREE’ EXEM Seminar coupon book and the water bottle to our guests.
A lot of people visited EXEM although there were many sessions.
It was the precious time that EXEM was able to communicate
with the people who were interested in EXEM!
Thank you all for visiting us

    PR materials    

Let's take a quick look at what kind of technology and content EXEM has introduced in this exhibition. We also distributed brochures about EXEM’s AI technology.
[1] Exem AI Technology

EXEM has contributed greatly to improving the IT performance management of
companies, and is preparing to become a leader in the era of the fourth industrial
 revolution by adding artificial intelligence to existing technologies.

(MaxGauge AI Edition, which is representative product of EXEM, will be available in July!)
[2] EXEM Session <The Age of Human Capacity Building>

At the 2018 Global Industrial Innovation Conference, EXEM's session was outstanding.
In the Development Session, Mr. Go Pyeong-Suk, who is the board member in EXEM,
gave a lecture on <The Age of Human Capacity Building>.
It was a meaningful time for everyone to look into the future
direction of the contemporary revolution!


Through 2018 GIIC, EXEM announced 'EXEM 4.0' and
communicated more closely with experts and businessmen.

Please expect a lot from EXEM, which is at the center of 4th industry innovation.


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