EXEM - Ministry of Education “Match-Up Program : Big-Data"

The 4th industrial revolution, a major issue in recent years,
is being watched by industries and governments.
EXEM is now the leading company in the fourth industrial revolution.
With its reputation, EXEM was selected as an artificial intelligence (AI)
 educational institution in the match-up program in May, and was selected
 as a representative organization for the Big-Data in the match-up program.

[  Match-Up Program?  ]

I will explain briefly about the Match-Up Program.

[  EXEM - Representative organization for Big-Data field  ]

It is really good news that EXEM has been selected as a representative
organization for the field of Big-Data in the Match-Up Program!

Vice Minister of Education, Ms. Park Chun-Ran attended by the Ministry of Education.

Ms. Park Chun-Ran, Vice Minister of Education, and
Mr. Cho Chong-Arm, CEO of EXEM gave congratulatory messages.
Ms. Park Chun-Ran, Vice Minister of Education, mentioned that she is glad to know that
EXEM is a great fit for Match-Up Programs and the ideology of EXEM.
She also mentioned that she hoped that the conditions for the cultivation
of human resources capable of flexibly coping with the
4th Industrial Revolution era would be created.

CEO of EXEM Cho Chong-Arm emphasized innovation and growth.
He mentioned that based on the experience that has made the education seminar
and technical content production the main strategy of the company and
the growth of the employees and the corporation, EXEM will contribute to
the society by cultivating practical talents through knowledge sharing
for continuous innovation.
Then he once again emphasized the role of the EXEM academy.
After the signing of the agreement, the ceremony was finished.

In the future, EXEM will show more value not only for artificial intelligence,
but also for Big-Data field as well.


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