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The 1st ETD was held in Seoul, December of 2017.

It's time to say goodbye to 2017! Before we ended this year,  there was a big event in this December. 🙆 The 1st ETD was held in EXEM Seoul.

This is just the beginning of ETD. 
We will provide more and more educations for our global friends.
Your feedback will be always welcomed any time. See you next year! 💗

EXEM Seminar in Pusan National University

Do you remember last time when students from Pusan National University visited EXEM? Due to the success of that event, EXEM offline seminars were held in Pusan this time. 

EXEM Seminar has been well-known in Seoul region for over 10 years. Through the direct communication, customers has been connected with EXEM and it has always been a great way to share our updated IT knowledge with more people. 
For the first time, we visited Pusan National University. Students from Pusan National University and customers near Pusan region warmly welcomed us and made this unforgettable memory with us together.


October 31th, 2017. EXEM attended AWS Partner TECHSHIFT in Seoul. AWS TechShift provides access to a wide-range of resources to build, market and deliver your software solutions with Amazon Web Services(AWS). 
For over 10 years, AWS has been one of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms. Offer your solutions on AWS and deliver them at scale, whether you are migrating from an existing platform, scaling your existing solution with advanced cloud-native capabilities, or seeking new delivery and packaging models. 
AWS services are trusted by more than a million active customers and tens of thousands of APN Partners around the world to power their infrastructure, make them more agile, and lower costs.

During this event, Eunji Park from EXEM global marketing team shared our story that how customers find EXEM solution on AWS marketplace and experience during the preparation for launching solution on AWS. 

TECHINNOVATON 2017 & K-Solution Fair 2017

Recently, No.1 Solution of Database Performance Management of Korea has started to seek new opportunities at international stage, and this time, we went to Singapore and Malaysia. 
Last month, EXEM participated two big event in Singapore and Malaysia. TECHINNOVATION 2017 and K-Solution Fair. Through the two big events, we were provided great chance to meed local industries and get better understanding of international environment. Before we get started to these big events, let me illustrated a little bit more about the meets. 
What is TECHINNOVATION?                                                                                                                                  

TECHINNOVATION is a premier technology-industry brokerage event organized by IPI. It brings together international and Singapore technology providers and seekers to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities through open innovation. TECHINNOVATION started in 2012, it has grown to become a leading …

EXEM Visit: Students from Busan University

EXEM Visit has been a regular program for everyone who is interested about us. This program is especially popular among young people. This time, our visitors are from Busan University. We all know that Busan is a beautiful city with perfect sea view and delicious sea food. However, it is a long way from Busan to Seoul.

EXEM visit is part of "Software Employment Camp" of Busan University. 18 students and 4 professors from Busan University took a 4-hour bus from Busan to Seoul. Without the rest, the knocked the door or EXEM.

We had experienced several company visit, but each time, we treat all the visitors as our distinguished guests. That is the best way to show them not only what EXEM is doing and what people do in EXEM. We believe this is so much convinced than any other advertisement. 

Boys  are easily feel hungry. That's why we prepared snacks. They need to add some energy before the speech began. 

During the program, they have to visit other companies, so the time in EXE…

Banana milk smoothie recipe

Have you tried Korean banana milk of Binggrae? This banana flavored milk drink has been so popular in Korea for more than 20 years which was also called "National Drink". As time changes, people care more about health, especially for what they eat and drink.
Today I would like to share a 5-minute 100% banana milk smoothie recipe with you. What you need to buy before you start to make the smoothie is a mixer. Let's start: -----------------------------------------------------
                        1.You need some banana and milk.
                        2.This is the mixer I have. 

                        3.Slice your banana into small pieces.(I used 1/2 banana)

                        4.Pour some milk in to the cup. (250ml)

                        5.If you like sweet flavor, honey would be a good choice.

                        6.I also added some aronia powder.

* Aronia berries have the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit. Antioxidants protect the body…

2017 Internship in EXEM

During college years, internship was one of our best memories. Because for most of us, it was our first time to experience working in a company and see how a company works in a direct way. EXEM is always welcoming young people who have great interest in no matter database or cloud or computer science to work shortly in EXEM. Last month, 4 young people finished their 4-week internship in EXEM. Let’s hear what they learned and what they feel about EXEM.
They finished their EXEM internship life in different teams. Park Sejin and Lee Seonghwan worked in global marketing team, and Cho Hyeonu in APM(Application Performance Management) team, Choi Hojeong in Development and Research team.

Different teams have different tasks, that’s why the 4 interns all experienced different lives here. In global marketing team, Park Sejin and Lee Seonghwan was helping finishing edition for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture. During the project, they learned a lot about database history, and memory a…

Live like a local

Last time, we interviewed Ms. Kang Yue for paragliding experience. And this time, she came back from Paris last weekend for 2017 summer vacation.
When we talk about Paris, what would you first come up with in your mind? Eiffel Tower? Musee du Louvre? Place des Vosges? River Seine? 13th Arrondissement? Musee Nissim de Camondo? Musee National Eugene Delacroix? ……
All the names or Paris points of interest are full of romance. Let’s see where Ms. Kang has visited during her romantic Paris trip what was her impression of Paris.
Q: How was your Paris trip? K: It was an awesome one. I was surprised when I took my flight from Incheon airport. You cannot believe that I got bumped up to first class of my flight! I was so lucky! IT WAS NOT BUSINESS CLASS, BUT FIRST CLASS of AIRFRANCE! I have super huge room for myself and all my luggage. It was also my first time to have opportunity to have first class airline meal! IT WAS FANTASTIC! Q: You must have had a comfortable long-distance flight. K: Yes I …