2017 Internship in EXEM

During college years, internship was one of our best memories. Because for most of us, it was our first time to experience working in a company and see how a company works in a direct way. EXEM is always welcoming young people who have great interest in no matter database or cloud or computer science to work shortly in EXEM. Last month, 4 young people finished their 4-week internship in EXEM. Let’s hear what they learned and what they feel about EXEM.

They finished their EXEM internship life in different teams. Park Sejin and Lee Seonghwan worked in global marketing team, and Cho Hyeonu in APM(Application Performance Management) team, Choi Hojeong in Development and Research team.

time table of internship

Different teams have different tasks, that’s why the 4 interns all experienced different lives here. In global marketing team, Park Sejin and Lee Seonghwan was helping finishing edition for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL Core Architecture. During the project, they learned a lot about database history, and memory architecture of different databases.

Concepts of DBMS fields

While Cho Hyeonu in APM team, had a great opportunity to experience our APM product Maxgauge for java, and see how our product can help users to improve their system performance. Before starting the internship life, Cho thought he would likely just make some coffee or copy some documents, because that was common in the TV plays. However, the real situation is that he started to work with experienced engineers from the very first day. After the 4-week internship life, he said he wanted to work for another 4 weeks.

Choi Hojeong, on the other hand, had a chance to go a business trip with engineers. She thought that they would definitely take bus during the whole business trip, because it was a domestic business trip. But she was told to meet everybody else at the airport. One of the team leaders told her that time is so much valuable then money. That impressed her a lot, Choi said. 

A memorable business trip during 2017 intern life

"Summer should always be full of passion. Especially for college students. 
That is the best age of their life. EXEM feels proud that 
they can have a good memory during the best age of their life. 
We will be welcoming more and more young people."


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