Live like a local

Last time, we interviewed Ms. Kang Yue for paragliding experience. And this time, she came back from Paris last weekend for 2017 summer vacation.

When we talk about Paris, what would you first come up with in your mind? Eiffel Tower? Musee du Louvre? Place des Vosges? River Seine? 13th Arrondissement? Musee Nissim de Camondo? Musee National Eugene Delacroix? ……

All the names or Paris points of interest are full of romance. Let’s see where Ms. Kang has visited during her romantic Paris trip what was her impression of Paris.

Q: How was your Paris trip?
K: It was an awesome one. I was surprised when I took my flight from Incheon airport. You cannot believe that I got bumped up to first class of my flight! I was so lucky! IT WAS NOT BUSINESS CLASS, BUT FIRST CLASS of AIRFRANCE! I have super huge room for myself and all my luggage. It was also my first time to have opportunity to have first class airline meal! IT WAS FANTASTIC!
Q: You must have had a comfortable long-distance flight.
K: Yes I did. Great meal, great seats, great services. I did not feel any tiredness after the whole flight.
Q: tell me something about your trip then.
K: I don’t like just taking around so quickly. So I decided to live like a local in Paris though it was my first European trip. I spent 5 days hanging out with my local friends, and 2 others in downtown.
Q: you must have taken thousands of pictures there.
K: That’s ture. I have the whole year profile pics for my KaKao Talk. Hhhh
Q: Do you like Paris food?
K: I need to be frank that I prefer Asian food more. But I do need to have a try. Among the trip, I like snails, onion soup and duck dishes. But Paris food are all salty for me.
Q: Do you have any suggestion for those who plan to go to Paris?
K: There are numbers museums or galleries there. You better read some book or learn some basic knowledge of them. Then you will must have a much better understanding of what they were trying to express and make yourself take a time machine. 

"2017 summer vacation has already ended. 
Happy time always flies so fast. 
When I wake up in my home after the trip. 
I was even wondering was that a dream? 
2018 summer vacation, where is your destination?💕"


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