EXEM Visit: Students from Busan University

EXEM Visit has been a regular program for everyone who is interested about us. This program is especially popular among young people. This time, our visitors are from Busan University. We all know that Busan is a beautiful city with perfect sea view and delicious sea food. However, it is a long way from Busan to Seoul.

EXEM visit is part of "Software Employment Camp" of Busan University. 18 students and 4 professors from Busan University took a 4-hour bus from Busan to Seoul. Without the rest, the knocked the door or EXEM.

We had experienced several company visit, but each time, we treat all the visitors as our distinguished guests. That is the best way to show them not only what EXEM is doing and what people do in EXEM. We believe this is so much convinced than any other advertisement. 

Boys  are easily feel hungry. That's why we prepared snacks. They need to add some energy before the speech began. 

During the program, they have to visit other companies, so the time in EXEM is limited. We wanted to show the the most. Three presentation was prepared for all the students. Mr. Park Jae-ho, CTO of EXEM introduced nowadays IT trends and what is the function of bigdata among these high-tech fields(like driveless car, facial recognition) and product lines of EXEM. 

Mr. Kwon Kon-woo, CMO of EXEM then introduced EXEM Academy, where is full of EXEM tech contents. Compared with other IT companies, EXEM has been creating diverse of contents through which we communicate with our customers. At the last 20 minutes, Ms. Park Eunji from Global Marketing team introduced some company benefits.(like we have unlimited fresh fruits for the whole year... 😋

As I mentioned above, EXEM has numbers of contents, we have on-site seminars and technical publishment. Busan university students really love EXEM books, that is the gift for our long distance visitors. 

In our life, we have only one-time college life. The book we read, the people we meet and the experience we have will change us in to a new one. That's why EXEM values every opportunity to give today's young people a great speech about what is happening in IT world and what should they do for their bright future!

"An 80 minutes' visit is very short, but we always believe that 
there will something more that can last so much longer in their life.💪"


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