EXEM Engineer Education in Bangkok

Engineer Education in Bangkok.

Last 11st~17th November, EXEM was having a great time with local engineers from Thailand and Malaysia in the city of Bangkok. With the help of our Thailand partner Magic Software, we had a large room for the whole program. 

Office of Magic Software in Bangkok

Hands-on approach is the best way of understanding EXEM product.

EXEM believes that education of local engineers is very important for international partners. With the help of EXEM experienced consultant, local engineers may have a basic knowledge of EXEM product which will give them a lot of confidence when they meet local customers in the future. 

Hand-on approach is also very important because it offers local engineers a great opportunity to understand EXEM product better and see how MaxGauge could help them to easily manage their database. 

Mr Kim Dong-su is introducing EXEM product

Face-to-face communication makes us much closer.

Through this program, our local partners know better about EXEM and at the same time, it offers us an opportunity to know our partners better. Everyone who participated this program spoke highly of Mr. Kim Dong-su and expressed their thanks to EXEM. 

Additionally, during the 3-days program, EXEM had a lot of time talking with local engineers and local sales manager. Through the talk, we knew that how can we improve our local education to match their needs at the most. 

simple meals with Malaysian friends

with Thailand friends

Little gift, but big wish

The one-week trip was not only a good memory for both of us, but also a hopeful start for both EXEM and our local partners. Through this program, we gained some valuable experience of what local engineers really need and how can we improve our education level aiming at our international partners. 

Mr Kim Dong-su is sharing gifts from Korea

If you want to participate EXEM engineer education, just feel free to contact with us and we hope to communicate with you face to face. 


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