I believe I can fly: an impressive paragliding experience

Everyone in EXEM works really hard and does play even harder. That is today’s lifestyle for most working people. They do pay a lot for their entertainment life and they will be motivated again by their credit card payment. Work hard, and then play hard. Work harder and play even harder… Fortunately, for most of them in EXEM, it will become a virtuous circle to let people do better at work.

Last month, Yue Kang from overseas global marketing team had an unforgettable experience. I couldn’t wait to interview her for that cool-looking trip. Let’s hear what she told us.

👉Hi, Ms Yue Kang, where did you go for the trip?
The place was called Danyang and as you can see, it is a little bit far away from Seoul where I live and work.

👉What do you call this extreme sport?
Well, I am not sure whether it is one of the extreme sports, but I was extremely impressed by the whole thing. And yeah, it is called  paragliding .

👉Is this your first time doing this?

👉Were you scared before you were up in the air?
Yes I was. Because it really took me a lot of courage to run and jump which is the first step before I take off. The equipment was so heavy and you know that I am really tiny, so for the first time I fell and that made me even more scared.

👉How did you get off the ‘fly’ in the sky?
We took a car to the peak of a mountain and then we need to dress up just like a pilot that we usually see in the movie. After that, there will be an instructor who flies with us together later. I have to say that the equipment I dressed was so heavy because there was a chair inside it. And I know that would be an unforgettable experience for me so I asked for taking picture and videos during the fly.
When I was ready for almost everything, the instructor helped me to do some relax and practice. After that, I need to run(though it was very heavy for me to lift up my legs lol) run, run and JUMP! 
Wow, I started to feel like I was a bird!

👉Is flying in the sky the same as your expectation?
Not really. I thought it would be like enjoy the whole view of mountains and rivers and sky sitting in a chair and getting down very slowly. But the truth was  it is DIZZY . The whole flying time was about 7 mins.

👉Would you recommend this to your friends?

I would like to  recommend paragliding  to all my friends except those who suffer from motion sickness. And it is a great ‘warm up sport’ for those who want to try Bungee Jump or skydiving. I definitely recommend you taking pictures and videos. 😊


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