Explore, Communicate and Discover: Business trip in Malaysia

MaxGauge, which is regarded as the standard solution product in domestic IT market, has been widely known overseas year by year. ASEAN countries also have great opportunities to be one of our partners, so we have been exploring new markets among ASEAN countries, and this time, we visited Malaysia.
Mr. Dongsu Kim, EXEM experienced consultant visited Malaysia last month accompanied by our local distributor: cordywise, introducing EXEM product and offering analysis service for individual site of Malaysia. During this business trip, Mr. Dongsu Kim visited 11 places in total.(4 of which are local partners)

Among the 11 sites, PoC was done in one of the public institutions where person in charge said there would have more contact with EXEM after testing MaxGauge.
Bank is also our target customer, and during this Malaysia trip, one of the local banks showed great interest of MaxGauge. And another remarkable site is an electricity enterprise which decided to apply for PoC within Q3.

After the business trip, Mr. Dongsu Kim told us in a telephone interview that Malaysia market was full of opportunities, especially comparing with the fact that Database Monitoring Solution is necessary for almost every domestic company, and Malaysia has started to realize this importance at this moment. Most sites showed great interest to apply for PoC of MaxGauge after Mr. Kim’s presentation.

EXEM has been offering our technical support and marketing support to every distinguish partner from all over the world. For any case you need a consulting service, please contact us any time and we will be ready to meet you face to face.(maybe like this...


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