Unveil the box from EXEM

At the beginning of solar new year, EXEM prepared 
several little gift and our best wishes for our global friends. 

After sending the new year wish letter, we also sent our friends an e-mail 
to remind them open the box of surprise.

After sending the e-mail, we posted our greeting on our Facebook page.

Several days later, we got really exciting replies from our global friends~~ 

#Global_friend 1

#Global_Friend 2

#Global_Friend 3

WE seems to be happier than those who received our gifts~ 
Our global friends are a little bit far away from us, but we always believe 
that we are together all the time~ Through all kinds of SNS channel, 
we could connect with every one of them quickly.

But we do hope to see them face-to-face.
In the year of 2017, there will be more and more events 
waiting for every global friends of EXEM. Do not hesitate to join in us~~ 

Facebook Homepage: Join us now  


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