New office, New start

EXEM is running and changing all the time. 
In the year of 2016, we realized several goals, 
one of them is that EXEM moves to a new place, 
for EXEM Family, it seemed to be a new start 
because everything is so familiar but new.

New meeting room is the most important place for our EXEM Family.
Every Monday, we started a new week here. 
We share what we did last week, and we also the new week plan~

From now on, I would like to be your guide and 
show you some details of our upgraded EXEM office!

#Keyword_1 #Plant

Plant is not just a furnish but offers everyone Oxygen everyday.
EXEM knows that offering everybody good working environment is very important.
So if you visit EXEM office, you will find green plant almost in every corner. 

#Keyword_1 #Plant

#Keyword_1 #Plant

#Keyword_1 #Plant

Even some plants that I don't know their name, but they still shines 
in the office and makes everyone good mood^^
Besides green plants, we payed lots of attention in design and decoration.

#Keyword_2 #Traditional Korean Beauty

Traditional Korean calligraphy seems to not match the atmosphere, but actually it emphasized the modern design of the whole building. More importantly, it reminds everyone in EXEM do not forget why they come here and what they should keep in mind.

#Keyword_3 #All kinds of art design

In the office, you could find all kinds of little designed arts. 
We are not design company, but we know that everyone want to see 
good-looking things. So every one in EXEM will especially pay attention 
to good-looking things no matter they are travelling or hanging out in the market. 
They always share these kind of arts to EXEM Family. 

#Keyword_4 #Multi-functional place

Office is not just a place for people to work in. Because everyday we spend almost 
8 hours here. So it should be a place where we can work and also have a little rest. 
So EXEM prepared several multi-functional places for EXEM Family. 
Like what you see in the picture above, you could easily 
have a talk with your friend, or just have a cup of tea with your colleague.

#Keyword_5 #Coffee bar for everyone

Coffee can not be more important for nowadays Korean people. 
According to a related research, it says that Koreans drink 2 cups of coffee
 everyday averagely. So expend of coffee is not a little amount of money for Korea people. 
But at EXEM, you could enjoy hand-made coffee any time.

#Keyword_6 #Relaxing place with nice decoration 

When working in the office, I always feel time runs so fast. 
Because we have relaxing place when we feel tired. 

#Keyword_7 #Something new that you may not have been seen

Haha~ if I do not tell you the answer, can you guess what it is. 
It is a digital blackboard that we will write some important to-do-things here.
Also, it can play pictures in a vivid way. 

#Keyword_8 #fancy arts on the table

#Keyword_8 #fancy arts on the table

At the end of today's short tour, I would like to show you several fancy arts 
on our table. Frankly speaking, it is not necessary for our daily life. 
But we can not just live life with the things we 100% need,
 these fancy arts could also remind us do not forget the beauty of life.

When you visit Korea, WE want to have a cup of tea with you 
in the newly decorated EXEM office.


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