New homepage launched

Last month’s debut of the newly designed EXEM homepage is a totally new gift for all EXEM families and customers. Compared with our old version homepage, it is not hard to find that the new one is much more simplified. That's why we want to show the core contents in a simple way and for those want to see more, we will offer you another button or link. Here is the section for our powerful products line: MaxGauge, InterMax and flamingo.  
And this time, we did not just re-new our existed homepage but totally newly designed every details(from every image to product films). 
This project began in early 2017 and finished within 6 months which is a collaborative effort between EXEM design team and EXEM marketing team. Especially thanks to publisher Mr. Pi Seolhyeon(피설현) and Mr. Jeong Woonsik(정운식) from Big Data Technology Team. 


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