Marvel at their beauty: Sakura Season in Seoul~

From the beginning of April, days were becoming slightly warmer, and during the April of 2017, millions of tourists and Korean citizens enjoyed another once-a-year-festival called ‘Sakura Blossom’.🌸🌸🌸

Sakura is the well-known Japanese pronunciation of cherry. As you can see, when we talk about cherry, we first come up with Japanese Cherry. But in Seoul, you can also enjoy Sakura every year. Here is the map of cherry bloom in different area in Korea. Mar.30th Jeju Island, and Apr.6th Seoul…
time table of  cherry blossom in 2017, Korea
However, we can not 100% believe the time table of cherry blossom in bloom for we don’t know the weather. If it rains one day, the period of cherry blossom will definitely shorten when what is predicted. So, it is hard to schedule~

You do need some sort of fortune to see the cherry blossom in Seoul. But once you get the chance to see them in bloom, you will fall in love with the pink world. Especially when the bloom starts to fall just like ‘cherry rain’ which always reminds to fall in love with somebody and hold our hands together to see the beautiful view.

The next time you see the cherry blossom in bloom will be the time that you get 1 year older. It seems like the ‘Sakura Season’ once a year also reminds us how time flies with 365days.

Do you like Sakura? Can you see Sakura in your own country? I will share some of the Sakura pictures taken by EXEM families. That’s the pink memory of 2017~

Cherry Blossom in WALKERHILL Hotel
Cherry Blossom in Gangseo-gu


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