K-SW Company Visit in EXEM

Fighting! Our brightest teenagers~ EXEM will always be here waiting for you. 

uring the last February, K-SW 2017 company visit program was held in EXEM and other 7 companies which are the leading enterprise of Korea. Through this program, college students could have a direct understanding of how people work in company, and what do they need to prepare in ahead of time if they want to work in such a company. 

And for EXEM, there will be no better way to introduce ourselves during this program. 
The whole program started at 10 o'clock in the morning. But every EXEMer got up early to check every details of preparation. Before they came, all the name cards and breakfast was set down already. And at 10 o'clock, the door opened! 

find you name here ^-^

verseas marketing team members guided students with a beautiful smile and a nice morning greeting:"Welcome to EXEM!" 😊 

#Morning Session 1: EXEM introduction

Morning session started with an enterprise introduction by overseas marketing team manager, Ms. YeonOk, Song. She introduced EXEM history in a brief but memorable way and mentioned every important moments for EXEM during the last 16 years. One thing she emphasized was that EXEM only employs people who matches spirit of EXEM.  

Most students did not know the meaning of EXEM. Actually 'EXEM' stands for 'Experts Empire' which means EXEM is a place where is full of experts. 

After a one-hour introduction of EXEM, CEO had a nice talk with students. CEO shared his story to establish the company. At the Q&A time, students asked several questions and CEO Mr. Cho gave them a satisfying answer. 

Besides CEO, CTO of EXEM also introduced EXEM products and hottest technologies in IT fields. 

#Luch time with EXEMers

After two great session, it was already lunch time. EXEM prepared tasty box lunch for every student. CEO, CTO and every EXEMer who participated this event was having lunch with students together. 

#Afternoon Session:
In the afternoon Session, interns and executive director of bigdata apartment gave a speech of intern life in EXEM and Flamingo product introduction. 

#Office tour in EXEM

During a short break, EXEMer showed them around in the EXEM office. This is a great opportunity for students to look at EXEM in such a short distance. 

Before we say goodbye to students, EXEM gifts was handed out to every student and we hope that today could be a memorable day for them and wish them a successful future.


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