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It's time to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was your 2016? Did all your dreams come true?At the beginning of 2017, we want to send our sincere greetings to all of you and wish all of you a happy new year. Today, EXEM will introduce you MaxGauge through a story. Here we go~

James and Brad are both great database administrators. As usual, James worked the whole night through and here comes Brad. While they were managing the database, there seemed to be a problem with the database. When James was wondering what was happening, Brad already took care of the problem and left the office.  Since I said at the very beginning of this story, both of them are great DB administrators, so what makes their life different? 

Through MaxGauge, you can manage your database in a very efficient way. As database performance management tool, MaxGauge supports integrated real-time monitoring and powerful post analysis for hundreds kinds of databases. With its powerful dashboard, Maxgauge gives you comprehensive and integrated monitoring on multi database system. MaxGauge dashboard offers great visibility overall database performance and transaction trend, and also displays performance indicator matrix in two dimension and CPU usage trends in three dimensions. 

Through its dynamic visibility, MaxGauge supports monitoring any issue in real-time and troubleshooting the problem as quick as possible. MaxGauge real-time monitor can intuitively pinpoint the performance issues and trace them right away. We monitor each query performance by drilling into problematic transaction without consuming any system resource. Also, MaxGauge is an unique solution and detect the toughest performance problems such as short-term lock and global lock. 

MaxGauge performance analyzer offers post-analysis one-second intervals to capture and record every moment like a CCTV camera. Also, it quickly diagnosis the performance issues by offering diverse visibility depends on purpose. Troubleshooting the problems in various database, any time, any place. 

You could also check the story in EXEM Global Channel~ And of course, any query of EXEM or MaxGauge will be welcomed. 


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